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TODAY / TOMORROW – Book Preview

“A travel documentary book on Tacloban and it’s promotion. All photographs were taken during the Year 2013. The original thesis concept was travel and promotion for the city but due to the super typhoon that occured on the first week of November, the concept was redesigned.

Focusing on Before & After, since majority of the people do not know Tacloban’s state before the adversity; also since using before and after seemed negative when being associated with Tacloban, Today and Tomorrow were the words used. The project was started on July and was modified on December to January. ”

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Special thanks to Charmaine for the production of this book.

Filmed using Sony A7s II + 18-35mm f/1.8 Sigma Art Lens @SLog2
Photos taken during 2013 till late 2015 using
Canon 7D, Fujifilm X100s, Sony A7s II

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