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The Future Of Banking – Tom Blomfield (Monzo) + Gerard Grech (Tech Nation)

Tom Blomfield (born 11 August 1985[1] in Hong Kong) is a British entrepreneur.

After studying for a law degree at Oxford University, Tom founded the UK-based company GoCardless and challenger bank Monzo. In 2013, he was recognised as one of the top five entrepreneurs under 30 by the European Commission.

When GoCardless appointed Hiroki Takeuchi as CEO in 2013, Blomfield joined the dating site Grouper social club as Head of Growth. Grouper closed in 2016. On returning from New York, Blomfield joined Starling Bank. where he developed the idea to start his own bank which would ultimately become Monzo. Starling Bank and Monzo which are now the leading new digital banks in the UK.

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