Thursday , 28 January 2021
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Tech Talks: The Future With Robots That Are Like Us

Join this fascinating session to experience what the future will look like when humanoid, intelligent and engaging robots powered by artificial intelligence will become a prevalent part of our lives.

Dr. David Hanson, Founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics, aspired to create genius machines that are smarter than humans and can learn creativity, empathy and compassion—three distinctively human traits that David believes must be developed alongside and integrated with artificial intelligence for robots to solve world problems too complex for humans to solve themselves. Dr Hanson is bringing his vision closer to reality with the support of a world-class team of roboticists, AI experts, scientists, technologists, hardware/software engineers, and cognitive specialists. David will share insights into breakthrough robotics and the artificial intelligence technologies.

Dr Hanson will be joined on stage by Sophia, Hanson Robotics’ latest and most advanced robot, and Professor Einstein™, the first consumer robot from Hanson Robotics.

Sophia is an evolving genius machine whose incredible human likeness, expressiveness, and remarkable story as an awakening robot will enchant the world and connect with people. She has become a media darling, having given numerous interviews to multiple media outlets, sang in a concert, graced the cover of one of the top fashion magazines, met face-to-face with key decision makers across industries including media and entertainment. Sophia will share her thoughts on how robots and AI will impact media industry and humanity.

Professor Einstein™, born out of a lifelong fascination with all things Einstein and the values he stood for, was designed to inspire imagination, be a great conversationalist, and to bring Einstein’s sense of humour and vast knowledge base back to life, and share it with a new generation. Professor is an amazingly expressive humanoid robot who plays games to improve memory and teaches science. He will discuss the mysteries of the universe, transformative technologies and other complex topics in a way that everyone could understand.

The session will conclude with a discussion and questions from the audience.

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