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SCCA 2014 Portfolio Show Promo

Promo video for Seattle Central Creative Academy’s portfolio show called PORTSHOWLIO. June 18th and 19th! Come support the graduating students from the Graphic Design and Commercial Photography programs.

Directed by Brit Zerbo
Footage provided by Brit Zerbo, Riley Hollobaugh, Sean Balko, Bryan Anton, Elizabeth Ogle and Rachael Conley
Behind the Scenes: Marissa Alves
Lighting: Sean Balko
Pre Production: Elizabeth Ogle, Stephanie Hawn, Chris Kent, Sean Balko and Brit Zerbo
Edited by Riley Hollobaugh and Galen Drew
Audio Engineer: Galen Drew
(Heavily Remixed) Music by Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon, Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood, Dont Talk to the Cops – Guess I’m Strange
Production Assistants: Bryan Anton, Chris Kent, Joshua Pitney, Rachael Conley, Ivan Loughlen and Sean Balko

Special Thanks to Marc Salverda, Ed Harrington, Chris Kent, Metrix Create Space, Praxair Inc. and Amazon Prime.

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