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Pokemon Red and Blue Cheats and Glitches (RG96)

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got into a battle without a Pokemon? Or what kind of secrets are hidden in that area you can’t normally reach? Then wonder no more!

In this video I use some random GameShark cheats to completely break Pokemon Blue Version (although all of this is also completely possible in Pokemon Red with the exact same cheat codes). We will walk over walls, buy free master balls in dark alleyways, catch rare pokemon with minimal effort, and even take a relaxing vacation to Glitch City. It’s really amazing just how much you can do with a few cheats, and believe it or not this is really only the beginning of what you can truly do!

If you have either Pokemon Blue or Red Version and a Game Shark you can try out some of the codes that I use in the video for yourself:

Walk through walls: 010138CD
Buy Master Balls at the Pokemart: 0101D8CF
Start with all 8 gym badges: 01FF56D3
Make wild Pokemon be high leveled: 01FFF3CF
Make trainer Pokemon be high leveled: 01FF22D0

And I didn’t use this one but it’s useful as it will give you infinite money. You need to enter it as three separate codes and turn all of them on:


Thanks to the walk through walls cheat I am able to go to a bunch of places you wouldn’t normally be able to go. The best part of it is definitely being able to skip by the Professor Oak sequence at the beginning of the game and going into tall grass without a Pokemon. You can also use it to get into the Unknown Dungeon early since you normally can’t enter it until you have beat the game. Have fun with the cheats if you try them out for yourself, and please note that I found them elsewhere on the internet so don’t give me credit for creating them.

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