Wednesday , 2 December 2020
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Monodrama Odyssey (Fashion Film)

Fashion Film representation of the convergence of multi-dimensional layers of past and present, reflected in the constant of humanity. An homage to our legacy as well as to our future, and suggests the infinite and unknown possibilities of things to come inextricably tied to that which has already been.
This video is a collaboration between Filmmaker Patricia Gloum and Fashion Designer Manuel Fernandez of the Fashion Art Institute. The unique clothing piece is designed by Manuel Fernandez and painted by Artist Bernardo Medina.
Directed by Patricia Gloum
Director of Photography: Sara Condado
Second Camera: Fernando Gonzalez
Fashion Designer: Fashion Art Institute & Bernardo Medina
VFX: Jakob Haglof
Produced by Sam Niddam
Location: Emperatriz Films, Madrid
Music Cantique de Noel remix by Nico Arzimanoglou
Special Thanks to: Schneur Menacker, Nathaniel Kim, Simon Douaire, Richard Cook, Jon Campbell

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