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Masterpiece Full Movie 2015 Tele Film, Watch Online Hit Of All Time Telgu Movies.

Perfect work of art (Kannada: ಮಾಸ್ಟರ್ ಪೀಸ್) is a 2015 Indian Kannada dialect activity thriller film composed and coordinated by Manju Mandavya. This film was discharged on 24 December 2015, and stars Yash and Shanvi Srivastava ahead of the pack parts. The supporting cast highlights Suhasini Maniratnam, P. Ravi Shankar and Chikkanna.

In spite of the fact that the blurbs portrays Yash in Bhagat Singh ensembles, the film is not about the life history of Bhagat Singh.

“One segment of the film considers me to be Bhagat Singh, yet that does not make it a noteworthy film. It is a pakka business film”, says Yash in a meeting.

Masterpiece is a simple story of a local riotous hero Yuva (Yash). Like every mother, Yuva’s mother wants her son to be a welly educated and respected in the society. Her dream is see her son as a freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekar Azad. But, Yuva dislikes his mother’s opinion about life and he finds short-cut to become successful and familiar as ‘BOSS’, a baddie. Yuva becomes a youth icon from his school days and continues to be the same as he grew up. Impressed with the local power, after winning a college election, Noor Ahmed (Achyuth Kumar), a local politician comes in search of Yuva for seeking support for elections. The story takes a new turn from here, as Yuva joins hands with politicians to become popular in the society. This what happens in the complete first-half of the movie.

The second half of the movie portrays how a local vigorous Yuva connects himself in the drugs mafia don, played by Ravishankar. Apart from the story of action and politics, Masterpiece also portrays a unique love story between Yash & Shanvi Srivastava as Yuva-Nisha.

Partner rating : No mature content
Release date : 2015
Running time : 2:38:00
Language : Hindi
Actors : Yash, Shanvi Srivastava, Chikkanna, Suhasini Maniratnam , P. Ravi shankar
Director : Manju Mandavya
Producers : Vijay Kiragandur
Writer : Manju Mandavya




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