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How To Travel The World For Free: Credit Cards 101

Here’s how to travel the world for free, in just the time it takes to watch this video – by using the power of credit cards. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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This is the secret to traveling the world for free: CREDIT CARD CHURNING
Credit cards will offer incredible bonuses JUST for signing up for their credit card. People who understand the art of how the system works, can use this to their advantage by signing up for said credit card, meeting the minimum requirements to get the bonus…then GET the bonus, redeem that for all types of free travel, and then move on to the next card and repeat the process again. That’s how I’ve been traveling anywhere I’ve wanted to go, entirely for free.

Now when it comes to doing this, there are some VERY important rules that must always be followed in order to practice this successfully, this is what they are:

First, NEVER spend ANY money you wouldn’t ordinarily spend.
The correct thinking is: I’m going to put my normal, every day spending on this credit card until I reach the requirement…then I’m going to get the bonus, for money I was going to be spending, anyway.

Second, never pay any credit card interest.
For almost EVERY credit card out there worth getting, you are ONLY charged interest if you don’t pay off your balance off IN FULL by the time it’s due. So ALL you need to do is NOT spend money you don’t already have, and then pay off your credit card in full…then you pay ZERO interest.

Third, DO NOT DO THIS if you’re about to get a loan on a house, or a car.
This is because there IS a very mild impact on your credit score each time you apply for a credit card. Expect that opening up a credit card might lower your score anywhere from 3-10 points temporarily. This is no big deal for someone dropping from a 730 to a 724, or for someone who isn’t planning to get a mortgage or a car loan in the next 8-12 months – it isn’t going to make any difference to you.

Fourth, canceling the card:
And my answer is always this: it really depends on the card. If the card does NOT have an annual fee, I will ALWAYS keep it – no matter what. There’s zero downside to keeping it open, so you may as well just enjoy it as an extra credit card, even if you rarely ever use it. And on the cards that DO have fees – it really just depends if I get value from the card or not. If you’re not going to get the value for the card after the first year, and it has an annual fee, close it. If you will get value from the card and find it worth it, then keep it open.

Because these offers change frequently, if you’re watching this video after June 2019…I would recommend checking out the following sources which list the BEST offers each month, and keep a current up-to-date list:

In addition to that, you have two Youtube channels I watch all the time:
Ask Sebby:
The Credit Shifu:

The American Express Gold Card 40k or 50k Point Offer:

New American Express Gold Card 50k Referral offer ( Updated 5/19 )

The Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card:

The Chase Ink Preferred Business (THIS ONE IS MY REFERRAL LINK):
If you don’t want to use my link, here’s the chase link directly:

The AMEX Hilton Honors:

American Express Hilton Ascend 125,000 Point No Lifetime Language Offer

So as you can see…these free rewards REALLY start adding up quick. Start small, get one credit card bonus at a time – slowly scale up as you get more comfortable with it, and pretty soon you’ll be traveling around the world, getting free hotels, and smashing that like button in every country!

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