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How to setup a TP Link TL WR841ND for WDS/URM mode

1. login into the routers user interface (UI) with opening your browser –Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.– and go to the URL “” username & password are by default “admin”.
BTW: You should be already connected to your device with WiFi or Lan cable on your PC. No worries, if you don´t have a PC you can use your mobile phone with the wireless connection for this.
You can also use your Xbox 360 or PS3 for this. PC ist the most easily way.
2. Go to the “DHCP” on left side and switch it to “Disable”, then click on “Save”.
A message will popup, simply click on OK. But dot not reboot the router. Not yet.

3. make sure that your router has an IP address that matches the subnet of your main router.
Example: your main router has the IP then is the subnet also make sure that the IP address of WDS router is not the same like the address on main router. But it must be the same subnet! If your main router has the IP address then give your secondary router e.
You can change your IP address when you go on router UI website to “Network” then on “Lan”.
I recommend you to check your main routers IP before you connect WDS. Check also the current IP of your WDS router, and if they are the same, change one of them. Otherwise you will not be able to access both routers UI´s when they connected to each other with same IP, or they simply will not connect
Also please set your main router to broadcast its WiFi signal on a static channel! This is very important. Otherwise the routers can not cummunicate with each other.
A hint for a better wireless connection: If you have an android mobile phone install the “WiFi Analyzer” app from Google PlayStore. It helps you find the best channel on your inviroment. If you do not have android phone, you can download and install “inSSIDer” for Windows.. Choose a channel that is not used by antother wireless stations near you for best wireless transmission between your WiFi devices.
4. If evrything is OK, click on “Survey” and wait until the page loading…
Now you should see all WiFi networks that surrounding you.
Search for your main routers SSID. Then click at the right side that blue colored word “Connect”.
5. You see that the router has filled automaticly the SSID & BSSID in the boxes.
If you have a WPA/WPA2 password to protect your WiFi, so type it in the box on the bottom of the page.
6. Now click on “Save” and wait until the page reloads.
In the video i´m changing at this point the factory default IP address to and subnet from to because my main AP running other settings as set by default on second. When you change the IP address of the router, it will reboot automatically.
7.–If you don´t need to change IP address– Go on the left side to “System Tools” and look out for the “Reboot” page.
Click if you have found on “Reboot” button, and confirm the reboot of the device.
Note: if you changed your routers IP address, you must type this address in your browser to access the user interface. Username & password are still the same like before, if you not changed them.
8. Go back again to the user interface of your 2nd router, login, and see on the first site for your WDS status. If it tells you “Run”, then you has successfully configured your router. If there is “Assoc” and no “Run” is apearing, then you typed a wrong WPA/WPA2 key or incopatible encryption is selected. it must be the same. 1st router = wep, 2nd router = wpa2. this setup will not work. Check it… If evrything is corrcet, then try to go on the left side on “Security” and then set the “SPI Firewall” to disable.
You can also check your network for connectivity very easy.
Connect your PC, or what ever, to the 2nd router and try open the UI of your main router. Type its IP address in the URL field in your browser. If the page are successfully, then you are connected to the main router and you can access the internet. Otherwise go to “System Tools”, “Diagnostic”. Type the IP of your main AP, hit Enter. if you get respond, then is all right. If the ms value isn´t higher then 100 avg. if request timed out there is something wrong.

Hope that helped you. Fell free to ask me in a PM if you don´t understand something or have problebms to setup the connection.
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inSSIDer: http://www.techspot.com/downloads/5936-inssider.html
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