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Healthy Happy: Cooking sessions with Sarah Britton of My New Roots 2014

After a short hiatus, in which time, Sarah Britton author of the award winning blog My New Roots, delivered both a beautiful boy & her debut cookbook My New Roots, we were thrilled to welcome Sarah back for our another round of cooking sessions in Amsterdam for 2014!

In these sessions we presented recipes for Vibrant Mornings and Splendid Snacks. Here we focused on healthy & invigorating breakfast & snack recipes that you could actually eat anytime of the day. The entire menu continued to be vegan, gluten and dairy free, yay!

The classes were even bigger than before in the gorgeous location of Pistache Studios, hosting 120 guests in two days and with the addition of two lectures on the Foundations of Nutrition I & II, for 150+ guests! We now have the support of an incredible collective of like-minded Community Partners who really made this round of events even more special. It was a deliciously inspiring and wonderful time to say the least and fabulous to have not only our Dutch guests but those from our neighbouring european countries and even further worldwide (Australia, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Israel, Singapore) joining us – wow!

Again, Sarah blew everyone away with her clever and delicious recipes, her fantastic knowledge and entertaining delivery! The woman is sensational and her enthusiasm to be healthy is completely contagious!

Our menu of deliciousness:

1. Coconut Bacon
2. Revolutionary Apple Pie Pancakes
3. Golden Chai Spice Smoothie Bowl
4. Apple Cinnamon Buckwheat Crispies
5. Tempeh Tower of Power
6. Green Granola Bars

All recipes are originally created exclusively for the Healthy Happy sessions – yay!

We’re always learning so much from each other and it’s such a continued pleasure to have everyone attending. Thank you.

Sarah rocks!

Directing: Vincent Schuttel
Filming: Circus Family

Editing: Vincent Schuttel

Music: Trevor Britton (original track)

Production: Koch Productions
Concept & Art Direction: Samantha Koch

Stay Healthy Happy always!

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