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Headlines ARYNews 1300 27th March 2019 ہم نےاپناموقف بہترین اندازمیں پیش کیا،

ہم نےاپناموقف بہترین اندازمیں پیش کیا،

WASHINGTON: The United States (US) wants to see a prosperous Pakistan that contributes positively towards regional stability and security.

This was stated by US Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Robert Palladino at a press briefing here.

Responding to a question about Pakistan’s role with regard to the peace process in Afghanistan, he said it could play an important role in bringing about a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan and expressed gratitude to Islamabad for whatever it had done to this end.

When asked to elaborate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement about Pakistan’s nuclear program, the spokesman said nuclear proliferation was one of the very first national security concerns articulated in the US National Security Strategy.

“It’s at the very top of the list. So that absolutely remains something that this administration thinks about often, because the level of – the level, the impact, of what could happen is simply so great. So that remains at the very top of our national security considerations.”

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It is pertinent to mention here that the US envoy seeking a peace deal with the Taliban to end 17 years of war is visiting the region for a new round of talks, according to the State Department.

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