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Concept – Full Surf Movie

A devotee of ancient practices, Johnny Fay, uses his spirituality to get back to the eternal vibrational energy within the ocean. Not only surfing but yoga, meditation, and guitar help Johnny create for himself a Tantric state of Ecstasy . He uses an old, cosmically enchanted 9’6 long board to devour bad vibes and transmute them into blissful nose rides.

*Official selection:

MIMPI Film fest 2013
Festivalma’ 14 Transcender
Aotearoa Surf Film Festival

*Honorable Mention: Festivalma’ 14 Transcender

*Starring: Johnny Fay
*Directed, Edited and Filmed by: Gabriel Novis
*Graphic Design by: Paulo Correia
Dirty Gold / California Sunrise
Yeah, Great, Fine / Don’t Wake Up

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