Sunday , 24 January 2021
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College Football Hall of Fame Video

College football fans are legendary for their loyalty, pride, and passion for their team. In collaboration with Coca-Cola, a sponsor of the Hall of Fame, we wove the brand’s DNA of happiness and sharing into the visitor experience with a pair of interactives that puts fans in the spotlight. The installations are kinetic, quick, and 100% fan-driven fun.

At the center of the building, a half-scale football field is a popular gathering place for visitors. Two field-side experiences prompt guests to get in the game by doing their best touchdown dance and showing off their finest game faces. Their responses are captured and displayed on the Jumbotron, making fans of all ages the stars of the field. These moments are branded and sharable via social media.

Nearby, a reactive beverage cart with an LED-animated exterior and interactive countertop brings the magic of the Coca-Cola brand to the concessions stand.

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