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CCTV Documentary Channel Ident // Culture

CCTV Documentary channel was going through a rebrand. They were about to be launched in Europe and wanted something that is bold, refreshing as well as visually exciting for a documentary channel; but the core message that they are all about real events and facts still had to come through.

We came up with a concept to show that there is more to a documentary than meets the eye. How the truth is waiting to be re-discovered and that there are many sides to a story.

Design House: JL Design
Creative Director: JL
Executive Producer: Angela Moo
Art Direction: JL / Lance Wei
Project Manager: Jennifer Lin
Storyboard Artists: Lance Wei, Alejandra Lan
CG Lead: Pota Tseng
3D Artist: Pota Tseng, Chan Chia Chang, Sam Chen
Designer: Alejandra Lan, Showy Lin
Compositor: Showy Lin, Rex Hon

Original Music: Rockid Lee (MUSDM.com)
Sound Effects: Peter Pan (MUSDM.com)

Producer : Wei Hao Huang
Assistant producer : Kang Hwa Feng
Casting: Sammily Wang
Stylist : Andrew Chen, Stylist Assistant : Hanya Han
Make-up : Hanya Han
Hair stylist : Nick / Ken (Hair Culture)


Truth has many faces. There are many sides to a story or an event. A documentation of an event should be faithful to the facts and examine all facets of the story; giving it its rightful historical and cultural significance. This insight into a historical or cultural event helps us to understand how the future can be affected by the past. How any people, culture or civilization is where it is today.

Just as a documentary present the different angles of an event, a kaleidoscopic effect reflects the many sides of a subject. Traveling through space and time, we witness a documentation of the different eras and see the story of civilization unfold before us.

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