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CCE News Update – What's Up this Summer?

5 Main Things Happening – listed here:

1. Blade Show was awesome. Thank you to GRITOMATIC for giving me the opportunity to go. They paid for my flight.
1.1 Check out Hapstone T1 budget sharpener – https://www.gritomatic.com/collections/hapstone/products/hapstone-t1-adjustable-honing-guide-for-knives
1.2 Gritomatic has stones for MANY sharpeners: https://www.gritomatic.com

2. July – CCE will have VERY few if any, videos.

My mother is no longer responding to chemo and other cancer-fighting treatments. She will likely pass in late summer or early autumn so my wife and I are traveling to visit her and some other family for the month of July.

3. I found some budget knife brands at Blade Show that I will introduce you too as soon as I can. If the knives that I mailed to myself from Atlanta arrive within 10 days then I will have time to make at least one video from each brand. One is a totally new brand (Ultra-X), the other is new to me (Acu-Strike). I also have a prototype knife from Tuya knives and several new knives from QSP and American Buffalo Knife and Tool.
3.1 Acu-Strike: https://www.akustrike.com
The Road Trip knife – https://www.akustrike.com/road-trip
3.2 QSP Piglet: https://whitemountainknives.com/qsp-piglet-liner-lock-knife-green-g10-handle-plain-satin-edge-112-b
Get 10% off everything at WMK with coupon code: CCE

4. I lost my cell phone. BUT, it was found. I should have it back in 7 to 10 days, I hope. It does better video than any of my other cell phones. I use it only for video. I am glad because I have a some video and pictures from Blade Show that are on there.

5. Knife SALE – It might happen next week OR it might not happen until after I get back from visiting my mother and family. I always find these bigger knife sales to be super hard. They require more attention to detail because of the raw volume of contacts and emails that I get that I easily become overwhelmed. Living with chronic intense pain is quite the challenge.

6. Patreon Supporters. https://www.patreon.com/CCE
I will do right by you for July. Even though I won’t be reviewing knives, one of you will still win something nice. Also, for the June winner (at the first of July) I will get your prize to you in early August!!

7. I did not mention this in the video but I encourage you all to stay tuned to my Facebook and Instagram during July as I will probably post some things there while I am away from home. I post things there now too, but that might be the only place you will find me during that month.

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