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Berlin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Berlin, the capital of Germany, lies on the banks of the River Spree.

The city has an eclectic mix of architectural styles; everything from the modern dome of the Reichstag to that of the old Berlin Cathedral.

The Chapel of Reconciliation is the spiritual heart of the Berlin Wall Memorial. The DDR Museum shows what life was like in East Germany during Socialist rule. Checkpoint Charlie was the Cold War’s most famous border crossing; today the adjacent museum describes the clever ways in which Berliners defected from East to West.

Berlin’s East Side Gallery is one of the largest outdoor art exhibits in the world. The Holocaust Memorial serves as a poignant reminder of World War II.

Rolling out before the Brandenburg Gate are the lawns and canals of the Tiergarten. Highlight here include the Victory Column, presidential Bellevue Palace, and Berlin Zoo.

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