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10 Amazing Animal Encounters You Need To See To Believe

Top 10 incredible creatures and human encounters caught on camera

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Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Well, at least one of those creatures made our list. Find out how to get close to a variety of animals that most of us don’t often encounter on our own. What’s the best way to safely watch an apex predator at feeding time? A metal cage might keep you safe from a shark, but who would be willing to take that risk in only a plastic kayak.

We’ve all been to a zoo or aquarium and seen the animals there, but it’s nothing compared to seeing them in their natural environments. We may not be able to take you dancing with wolves, but hopefully visiting a pack of six will suffice.

If you’re not afraid of the cold, have we got some trips for you. You can start off in cold waters visiting marine iguanas, take a quick detour to some polar bears, and end up in the Antarctic among the penguins. If warm weather is more your thing, we have a couple of islands on our list as well. Including one completely overrun by friendly bunnies, and one with a herd of wild ponies.

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